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We know that training centers grapple with making sure their students have up-to-date, high-quality materials to make during their training. So, we're offering a special deal for training centers - discounts on our printable materials (PDF format) and a chance for students to save time and money.

Please note: Because our PDF files are copyrighted and protected by intellectual copyright, the only way for students at your training center to use them is to purchase access to a Training Collection download for each student. Or, students can purchase our PDFs directly from our website. Otherwise, distribution of our PDF files to training center students is prohibited by law and will result in legal action.

Here you'll find a list of each item in the Collections we offer, with links to the item descriptions. Please note: There is no tax outside of Illinois, and no shipping charges of any kind - the Collections are emailed to you in a download link. There are also no refunds or returns on the downloads.

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you are interested in placing an order. You can also download these helpful documents:


Elementary 6-9 Training Center Collection


Plant Kingdom Chart
Plant Kingdom Nomenclature
Botany Nomenclature Set
Botany Impressionistic Charts
Plant Stories Set 1 & 2,
Types of Stems, Roots, and Leaves


Advanced Land & Water Forms Sets
Land and Water Forms Cards
Geography Charts 6-9
Parts of a Flag
Parts of a Mountain
Parts of a River
Parts of a Volcano


Clock of Eras
Fundamental Needs of Humans Chart
Fundamental Needs Nomenclature
Parts of the Earth
Solar System Nomenclature
Astronomy Concepts Cards


Geometry Cabinet Charts
Geometry Folders Set


Pink, Blue, and Green Series Kit
Word Study Kit
Grammar Sentences
Reading Analysis Set 1
Vowel Tree


Prepared Equations
Money Matching
Time Matching
Measurement Vocabulary Cards
Measuring Volume


Animal Kingdom Chart
Animal Kingdom Nomenclature
Invertebrate Nomenclature Set
Characteristics of Vertebrates
Vertebrate Nomenclature Set
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