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United States Studies Kit
United States Studies Kit

United States Studies Kit

PDF Price: $19.99
Part Number: 189

There's so much to learn about the United States of America!

These PDF files include:

  • US Animals - 16 in all
  • US Plants - 12 in all
  • US State Flags - 50 in all
  • US Places - 12 in all
  • US Fact Sheet - facts and info about the US
  • US Arrows (one for each state)
  • US Maps - 1 color labeled, 1 color blank, 1 b&w labeled, 1 b&w blank
  • State/Capital/Abbreviation Matching Cards & Control Chart
  • Instructions for making & using this material
  • Flags, Animals, Plants, and Places include a picture card, label, and control card for making 3-part cards.

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This item is downloaded as one large PDF. For instructions on printing this item, please see this helpful post: Using Package Deals as Instant Downloads.

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