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Types of Shells Sorting Cards
Types of Shells Sorting Cards

Types of Shells Sorting Cards

PDF Price: $5.99
Part Number: 449-2

These beautiful cards make learning about types of shells fun and easy!

This PDF file includes:

  • 12 pictures each (24 in all) for each category: univalve and bivalve
  • A full-page poster explaining the characteristics of each type of shell
  • A full-page control chart showing each shell in the correct category
  • Labels for each category (univalve, bivalve)
  • Instructions for making and using this item

Univalve shells are: queen conch, tiger cowrie, common limpet, knobbed whelk, chambered nautilus, murex endivia, bullmouth helmet, Atlantic triton, Scotch bonnet, nutmeg, weasel cone, and turbo sarmaticus. Bivalve shells are: scallop, native oyster, common cockle, round (quehog) clam, river clam, blue mussel, green-lipped mussel, soft-shell clam, spiny oyster, giant clam, razor clam, and prickly cockle.

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