"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for the workthat you do for the Montessori community. After 25 years of working in 3-6, I so appreciate your beautiful work. I do not long for those times of purchasing four copies of nature field guides, then cutting and pasting to try and make materials.

I am thankful every day that the internet has enabled us to reach out and easily find so many materials for our classrooms. And I am grateful that you have seized the opportunity to assist the greater Montessori community by doing somuch of the work yourself. Bravo to you for your generosity of free downloads!"


Mary C., Oregon


"I am constantly changing the materials in my classroom and the children are always so excited to find out what's new, and what they are going to learn aboutnext. This is so much easier for me to do because of all the wonderful materials you have provided me. My class is an awesome learning environment thanks to you, Lori!"


Collette W., New Jersey

"Before I discovered you I had bought from other people and they were generally such a disappointment. I nearly always felt I could have done better myself, if lack of time wasn't such a problem. Yours however are better than I could do, so I know I can always buy with confidence!"


Nicki M., United Kingdom


"Over the years, I have watched as your service has grown. You have handled transactions in a professional manner, provided materials that any parent, teacher or school needs, saved each of us countless hours which we can then investin our students, responded to requests and suggestions and been open to your customers.

Thank you for your continued professionalism, for creating a quality product,for your interest in helping spread the wonderful teachings of Dr. Montessori by making materials readily available for teachers, families, individuals, students and schools and for genuinely caring about your customers. Montessori for Everyone provides outstanding products and exemplary customer service."


Dr. Elizabeth Stalvey
Director, Educational Advantage Learning Centers
South Carolina


"Lori creates beautiful, high-quality, relevant materials that can be used in any classroom (Montessori, homeschool, or otherwise). She makes the kind of materials that I would try to make myself if I had the time. I'm a perfectionist, and Lori's materials always exceed my high standards. It takes a lot of thought, effort, skill, and time to create these kinds of materials, so Lori has literally saved me months of work!

My daughter has attended a Montessori school for six years, and her teachers have used Lori's materials as extensions for work in both the primary and elementary classrooms. My daughter and young son also enjoy using Lori's materials at home. All of us look forward to new materials from Montessori for Everyone!"


Kathy K., New Mexico


"Lori's products made the transition to homeschooling easy and fun! As a Montessori teacher (almost!) I find her products to be of the highest quality and the customer service to be fast and professional. Lori's experience and knowledge has been a great gift to us - we love homeschooling the Montessori way!"

Susan B., Bahrain


"I have been purchasing beautiful materials from Montessori For Everyone for my school and the children love them. The colorful, purposeful and interesting material really draws the child to the work. We especially enjoy the continent materials. They are a wonderful addition to the maps. I highly recommend to any teacher or parent this incredibly enriching material. Lori truly understands the needs of the Montessori classroom and the needs of the child."

Robin F., Indiana


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