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Stories of the Days of the Week
Stories of the Days of the Week

Stories of the Days of the Week

PDF Price: $4.99
Part Number: 454-2

This beautiful work explains the fascinating stories behind the names of the months of the year!

This PDF file includes:

  • Pictures and labels for each day of the week
  • Control cards for each of the days
  • Definitions for each of the day names
  • Two full-page timelines showing all the days and their stories in order; one uses "Sunday" as the first day, the other uses "Monday" as the first day. You only need to print one of these charts - whichever fits your country's preferences
  • Instructions for making and using this material

Please note: We used pictures of the planets for the days because the Ancient Greeks and Romans named the days after planets, which in turn had been named after gods. Our definitions cover the etymology leading to today's day names, including Germanic and Old English revisions and adaptations.

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