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Geometry Folders Set
Geometry Folders Set

Geometry Folders Set

PDF Price: $35.99
Part Number: 350

These PDF files can be made into the traditional folders for the study of geometry for ages 6-9.

These files are only available as a set, which includes Command Cards so you do not need to buy those separately.

These PDF files include:

  • A1 - Fundamental Concepts
  • B1 - Types of Lines
  • B2 - Parts of a Straight Line
  • B3 - Positions of a Straight Line
  • B4 - Positions of Line Segments
  • B5 - Positions of Two Straight Lines
  • C1 - An Angle
  • C2 - Parts of an Angle
  • C3 - Types of Angle Sizes
  • C4 - Types of Angle Positions
  • C5 - Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  • D1 - Closed Figures
  • D2 - Polygons
  • D3 - Curved Lines
  • E1 - Triangles by Side
  • E2 - Triangles by Angle
  • F1 - Types of Quadrilaterals
  • H1 - Parts of a Circle
  • Command Cards for Folders*

All the folders include pictures, labels, and defintions for making 3-part cards, as well as brief instructions for making and using them. 66 pages of materials when printed.

*The Command Cards for Folders are identical to our Geometry Command Cards except the cards are marked with the letter and number of the set they go with. Please do not purchase the Command Cards separately.

This item is downloaded as one large PDF. For instructions on printing this item, please see this helpful post: Using Package Deals as Instant Downloads.

This item is available for instant download. Simply click "Click here to download your order" under Order Summary in the email you receive after making your purchase to download your PDF file(s).

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