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Geometry 6-9 Album
Geometry 6-9 Album

Geometry 6-9 Album

PDF Price: $29.99
Part Number: 463

This beautiful album covers all of the geometry materials for 6-9!

This PDF file includes:

  • Detailed information about geometry in the Montessori 6-9 classroom
  • Overview of the theory behind Montessori geometry
  • All presentations needed for 6-9 geometry
  • Scope & Sequence list for 6-9 geometry
  • List of recommended materials needed for the presentations
  • 72 pages when printed (PDF file format)
  • Includes sample commands for the geometry materials
  • Written in an easy-to-follow style
  • Clear illustrations for each presentation
  • Materials not included; coordinates with our Geometry materials
  • Includes sequential presentations, explanations, and extensions for:
  • ~ Geometric Cabinet

    ~ Constructive Triangles for 6-9

    ~ Detective Adjective Game & Triangle Stars

    ~ Geometry Folders for 6-9

This item is available for instant download. Simply click "Click here to download your order" under Order Summary in the email you receive after making your purchase to download your PDF file(s).

Sorry, we cannot provide a sample of the album other than the picture and detailed description provided here.

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