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Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 6-9
Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 6-9

Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 6-9

PDF Price: $29.99
Part Number: 314

These gorgeous charts are a completely updated and corrected version of the old Geography Charts!

Created with the help of a high school physics teacher, they give an overview of physics, astronomy, geography, geology, and chemistry using stunning photographs, high-quality graphics, clearly written explanations, and completely updated experiments.

These PDF files include:

  • 17 full-page (8½ x 11 in.), full-color charts covering the Solar System, Sun, the Earth, and all aspects of earth science
  • 15 pages of accurate and updated explanations for the charts
  • 34 science experiments illustrating concepts on the charts
  • A list of all the charts and experiments
  • A list of materials needed for the experiments
  • Instructions for using the charts and experiments
  • 53 pages of material in all

Charts are:

Chart 1 - The Solar System—The Ratio of the Volume of the Earth to the Sun
Chart 2 - The Sun’s Family—The Earth and the Solar System
Chart 3 - The Cosmic Dance—Beginning of the Cooling Process
Chart 4 - The Time of the Volcanoes—The Cooling Process
Chart 5 - The Sun’s Beautiful Daughter—Rain and Cooling
Chart 6 - The Zones of the Earth
Chart 7 - Solar Energy
Chart 8 - Fire and Ice: The Movement of the Earth
Chart 9 - How the Sun’s Rays Reach the Earth
Chart 10 - Vertical & Oblique Rays
Chart 11 - Distance of the Sun to the Earth
Chart 12 - Work of the Solar Rays in Passing Through the Atmosphere
Chart 13 - The Earth Stores Heat: Atmosphere as a Poor Conductor of Heat
Chart 14 - Radiation: The Giving Back of Heat
Chart 15 - Radiation—Retaining Heat
Chart 16 - Radiation—Dispersing Heat
Chart 17 - Day and Night—Rotation and Its Consequences

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Sorry, we cannot provide samples of the charts other than the picture and detailed description provided here.

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