1. What kind of items do you sell?

2. How and when do I receive my PDFs?

3. What if I lose the PDF files?

4. How and when do I receive my Zipped Collection?

5. I just placed an order with you - why have I not received an email?

6. Why do I need to create an account to make a purchase?

7. Do you offer discounts on volume purchases?

8. Do you offer discount codes?

9. Are there any shipping charges for Collections?

10. Do you take purchase orders from schools?

11. What is your policy for returns, refunds, or exchanges?

12. How do I use the PDF files?

13. How do I use the Zipped Collections?

14. How do I update my account with a new email, address, or phone number?

15. What if I've forgotten my password?

16. How do I change my email address for your email newsletter?

17. What is the best way to print and use the PDFs?

18. Do your items include instructions?

19. Can your PDF files be used on a Mac?

20. Can you recommend a printer or laminator for me to use?

21. What are the copyright terms for your PDFs & Zipped Collections?

22. Can I get a replacement CD if I lose the files?

23. What if I have problems using the PDFs?

24. What payment methods do you accept?

25. Is my personal and credit card information secure?

26. Why did my credit card get declined?

27. Do you have information about the Montessori method and materials?

28. I'm interested in homeschooling with Montessori. Where do I start?

29. I'd like to share your articles, blog posts, and free downloads. How can I do that?

30. I've created my own Montessori materials. Would you sell them for me?

31. There are other companies selling printable Montessori materials. What is the difference between their materials and yours?

32. Where do you get the pictures used in your materials?

33. Do you sell Collections to Montessori training centers?

What we sell - We sell our materials in two ways:

  • PDF files that you download instantly online - nothing is sent in the mail
  • Collections sent through a download link

PDFs - Our items are Adobe PDFs that you can download instantly online. After placing your order, please login to your Account at our store and then click "Download Order" next to the order to download your PDFs. The PDFs will not be emailed to you. The PDFs are for your personal use only, and may not be shared or redistributed.

Lost PDFs - Computer crashes can and will happen to anyone. Please back up your PDFs to more than one source - save them your computer, a thumb drive, or a personal cloud service.

If you lose the PDF files within 3 years of purchase, you can return to our store and download them again. You will need to be signed in to your account at our store in order to do so. Login to your account at our store (or click "My Account" at the top right if you are already logged in). You will see all your orders listed there. Click "Download Order" next to the order you'd like to download, then download your file(s).

If it's been more than 3 years since the date of purchase, you will need to email us to get the PDFs if you lose them. back to top

Zipped Collection - If you order a Collection, we will email you a download link. Please note: the download link is sent manually, not automatically. You will receive it within a few hours, usually sooner.

Email Confirmation - If you have not received a purchase confirmation email after placing your order with us, there are two possible reasons. The first is that it was sent to your spam folder - please check there right away. If it's not in spam, then you mis-typed your email address during checkout. You'd be surprised at how often it happens! Please email us with your correct email address and we will forward you the purchase confirmation email. You don't have to wait for your purchase confirmation to download your PDFs - just login to your Account at our store, then click "Download Order" next to your order to download. back to top

Create Account - Most stores that offer instant download require you to create an account. When you login to your account, you can download your files and view and download your previous orders. If you already had an account with us, there is no need to create a new one. Just sign in to your existing account when making a purchase. You will need to sign in again to download your files. back to top

Discounts - We offer many discounted packages. Please check out our Package Deals and Collections. back to top

Discount Codes - We do not offer discount codes very often, preferring instead to keep our prices very low and offer over 100 free downloads. Rather than inquiring about discount codes, simply sign up for our email newsletter and if we offer a discount, we'll mention it there. back to top

Shipping - We no longer ship CDs, as most of our customers were requesting download links (quicker, easier, and many new computers do not have a disc drive). You are free to burn the downloaded files to a CD for personal use, and we recommend backing them up in several places: a second computer, a flash drive, or your private cloud storage (like Google Drive). back to top

Purchase Orders - We do accept purchase orders from US schools. Please read through the PO information on our Contact page before submitting a purchase order. back to top

Returns or Refunds - There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges for PDF files or Zipped Collections, even if purchased in error. Please take that into account when making your purchase, as we make no exceptions to this policy. We urge you to read the item description carefully and ask questions before buying. back to top

Using the PDFs - You will need Adobe Reader to open, view, and print the file(s). Please make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free here: Adobe Reader.

To use our Package Deals, please read this helpful post: Using the Package Deals as Instant Downloads. back to top

Using the Zipped Collections - You will need a free zip reader like WinZip to open the zipped files. Also please make sure you are using the most recent version of Adobe Reader (update for free at www.adobe.com/reader). back to top

Update Account - Due to privacy reasons, we are not able to make changes to your account information. To update your account information, click "Login" at the top right of our homepage and login to your account. Then click "Update Info" to the right of your info. Update any info, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Update My Information". If your update was successful, you will see a message appear at the top of the screen that says "ACCOUNT UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY". back to top

Password - If you have forgotten your password, or to reset your password, go to our Login page and click "Reset my password". You will be emailed a link to reset your password. back to top

Email Newsletter - To update your email address for our email newsletter (it's separate from your store account), simply click "Update Profile/Email Address" at the bottom of any of our email newsletters. Then click the "Submit" button and instructions on updating your account will be emailed to you. back to top

Printing - We've gotten the best results by printing on white, 8 1/2 x 11, 90 lb. cardstock. We prefer to laminate our cards and find that 5 mil laminate works very well. Some people prefer to cut first, then laminate, then cut again. This method works best with roll laminators. For pouch laminate, there is no need to cut first. Simply laminate and then cut. back to top

Instructions - Most of our items contain brief instructions. We do recommend consulting Montessori albums (manuals) that contain instructions for using Montessori materials. This helpful blog post reviews albums from different companies and contains links to free online albums as well: The Ultimate Post About Montessori Albums. At this time we only offer two albums: 6-9 Natural Science and 6-9 Geometry. You can also Google the name of any Montessori material and find many websites and blogs offering detailed instructions. back to top

Macs - Yes, our PDFs can be used on a Mac. The only issue people sometimes encounter is getting the font to display correctly. We use the Century Gothic font for our materials. If your Mac doesn't have it, you can install Century Gothic (or MS Word for Macs, which includes Century Gothic) and then the PDFs should display correctly. back to top

Printer or Laminator - We do a lot of printing and laminating, but we're not experts on all the various printers and laminators on the market. We recommend visiting office supply websites (like OfficeMax and Staples), where you can sort printers and laminators by brand, price, and features as well as read reviews. back to top

Copyright - Our PDFs and Zipped Collections are copyrighted to Montessori for Everyone. They are for personal use only, and may not be resold, copied, or shared in any way. They may not be posted to any website (including school websites) or blog. When you purchase any of our PDFs or Zipped Collections you are agreeing to these terms. For more information, please see our Terms of Use. back to top

Replace a CD - If you purchased a CD-ROM from us before 2015, we cannot send a download link if you lose it, as we have added many new items since then. Please take care of your CD-ROM or downloaded files like you would any other investment. The PDF files can be saved to your computer, a flash drive, or private cloud service. Schools should have a policy that the CD cannot be removed from the premises. If you lose your CD or downloaded files, and you have not backed up the CD, you can purchase the current Zipped Collection at a discounted price. Please contact us for pricing. back to top

Problem Using PDFs - If you are having a problem using the PDFs, please install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (it's free): Adobe Reader. Then clear your cache and cookies and restart your computer. If that does not solve the problem, please contact us at [email protected]. We check our email frequently and will respond promptly. back to top

Payment Methods - We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We also accept purchase orders from US schools; see our Contact page for more information on POs. We do not accept personal checks, cashier's checks, or money orders. back to top

Security - Our site is secured by GeoTrust and all of your information is encrypted. We never share, sell, or rent any of your information. You can read more in our Privacy Policy. back to top

Decline - There are many reasons why credit cards can be declined. Our store does not approve or decline credit card transactions; that is done by your card issuer (bank or credit card company). So please contact them first if you do not know the reason for the decline. Simply call the number on the back of your card to enquire. Common reasons include:

1) Using a debit card or pre-paid card instead of a credit card
2) Being over your card limit
3) Using a card that is expired or has been flagged for fraudulent activity
4) Using the wrong CVV (3-digit number on the back of the card)
5) Using the wrong billing address (using your school's address for your card, or your address for your school's card)

When a transaction is declined, a "hold" is often put on the funds and shows up in your bank account or credit card. This hold can appear to be a transaction, but it will actually "roll off" your statement after a few days. Please be patient! Please call the number on the back of your credit card if you have any questions. back to top

Montessori Info - Yes, please check out our blog, especially the Montessori Basics posts. Use the categories on the right to browse our blog, or the search box to search for a specific term. It's a wealth of information! back to top

Homeschooling - We're so glad to hear you're interested in homeschooling with Montessori! We think it's a great idea. Start here, with this blog post: Montessori Basics 10: Homeschooling with Montessori. Then browse all the posts in our Homeschooling section. back to top

Copyright - All of our website and blog content is protected by copyright; nothing may be posted online or shared in printed format, including: PDF files, CD-ROMs, Zipped Collections, blog posts, articles, free downloads, graphics, logo, Comprehensive Lists, or any other content we provide for free or sell. Anything you post can and will be indexed by search engines (like Google) and will be available to anyone, not just teachers or parents at your school.

We take copyright violations very seriously and we will contact you if we find a violation and ask you to remove it. If we do not get a response, we will file a copyright notice with your web host and your entire website could be taken down. We do not want this to happen to you!

If you'd like to share a blog post, article, free downloads, or anything else at our site, please simply link to it, or, in printed format, provide our website address or the URL of the specific article so people can visit our site and read it.

All pictures and graphics are copyright protected and are not available for use. You can find out more by reading our Terms of Use. back to top

Selling Materials - We have a long-standing policy of selling only our own materials at our website. We do not partner with affiliates, either to sell our materials for us or to sell someone else's materials. Thanks for your understanding. back to top

Comparing Materials - Since our materials are designed by an Elementary Montessori teacher, we have more printable elementary materials than other companies do, although we have many beautiful primary materials as well.

We've seen other materials available and we feel that ours are better researched, better written, and contain higher-quality photographs. We hear that from our customers, too. But don't take our (or their) word for it! We have over 100 materials available for free download, so you can check us out for yourself. back to top

Pictures - We get our pictures from two well-known stock photo sites, BigStockPhoto and iStockPhoto. Pictures purchased there come with a license that allows us to use them in our work. We cannot share pictures with anyone or give anyone else permission to use them. You will need to purchase pictures yourself for use in materials, blogs, or websites. back to top

Training - We have a special "Training Center Collection" available for Montessori training centers. Please see our Training Center Information page for detailed information. Because our PDF files are copyrighted and protected by intellectual copyright, the only way for students at your training center to use them is to purchase access for each student. Or, students can purchase our PDFs directly from our website. Otherwise, distribution of our PDF files to training center students is prohibited by law and will result in legal action. We do not offer Montessori training. back to top

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