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Montessori for Everyone

Who we are...

My name is Lori Bourne and I am certified in Montessori Elementary (for 6-9 year olds). I live with my family in the Chicagoland area.

My educational background: I have a B.A. in Asian History from Indiana University. I took the Montessori elementary training at the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Evanston, IL, under the direction of Sister Mary Motz. I also completed my first year of internship under Sister Mary at the Training Center school.

As I began my teaching career, I designed my own materials for my classroom - materials that quickly became popular with other teachers. I continue to design materials specifically to be used with the Montessori method, in either a classroom or homeschool setting.

I homeschooled my son all the way through high school; he is now a junior in college and thriving. My daughter is a junior in high school and is still learning at home with me. Homeschooling is hard work but so worth it!

For more info about us, as well as articles about Montessori education and homeschooling, please visit our Montessori blog.


What we do...

Montessori for Everyone was founded in early 2005. Our materials are now used in schools and homeschools around the world.

We are committed to providing Montessori teachers and parents with high-quality materials for every area of the classroom. We are also committed to providing free materials and helpful information to the Montessori community.


What we offer...

All of our materials are available in two ways:

  • As PDF files that you download instantly
  • As Collections that are sent through a download link

We are pleased to offer materials for toddler (2-3), preschool (3-6), and elementary (6-12). Categories include: language, phonics & reading, math, geometry, botany & zoology, geography, history, astronomy, and art & music.

Have questions about our materials, or the Montessori method of education? Please see our FAQ.